OpenPref for mobile devices

Preferans which is always with you

OpenPref allows you to play against built-in artificial intelligence (AI), so you don’t need Internet access to play it. On the other hand, its hardware requirements are very low, so it can flawlessly run on low-end PC’s, netbooks, or even smartphones and communicators. So, why should you leave your Preferans at home?

Since OpenPref is based on highly portable Qt Framework, there are no principal difficulties in porting of OpenPref to various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, some unsolved problem remain. If you are interested in getting OpenPref running on some mobile platform, feel free to contribute into the project.

Screen Size

Minimal screen size currently supported by OpenPref is 807×613. Many mobile devices have lesser screen resolution.

This issue can be solved by using smaller card decks and/or changing of play area layout (see below).

Screen Orientation

Preferred orientation of many mobile devices is portrait, while OpenPref layout is landscape oriented.

This issue can be solved by making game layout configurable. For portrait layout arrangement of cards belonging to top two players must be changed to vertical or multi-row (most compact, suitable for smallest screen sizes)

Hardware Buttons

Mobile devices have APIs for interaction with hardware buttons. This field should be explored.