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Short-term plan (for 0.1.4 version)

  • Improve AI of bidding and card drop
  • Separate game model code from graphics
  • Add internal help system
  • Add update checker
  • Fix known bugs

Mid-term plan (for 0.2 version)

  • Refactoring of code base to fit goals of 1.0
  • Unit testing for core classes
  • Early support of network game
  • Bindings for dynamic languages (SWIG)

Long-term plan (for 1.0 version)

  • Package for Mac OS X
  • Neuron network based AI (probably with use of Flood library)
  • Port main cycle of game to QStateMachine (this will simplify code, allow to save game in any moment, improve animation support)
  • Game for four players
  • Single PC multiplayer game (against AI)
  • Network game (using QXMPP library and/or server side application)
    • Cheat protection (using LibTMCG library)
  • Thorough help system describing game rules
  • Scriptability (for creation of interactive tutorials)
  • Support for mobile devices (e.g., Maemo, MeeGo, and Symbian based ones), optimization of user interface for small screen resolution and physical size
  • Two alternative graphic engines: custom QWidget optimized for performance (for mobile and low end hardware), and QGraphicsWidget based widget (for advanced animations), maybe with use of QML