OpenPref is an open source implementation of European trick-taking game Preferans against two virtual players. Currently it allows to play Sochi version of Preferans, allowing to change some game conventions. Learn more >>

Latest release of OpenPref is 0.1.3. Download latest version of OpenPref

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OpenPref for Mac OS X

Good news for Mac users: OpenPref is going to be ported to Mac OS X. Thus I’d like to know what versions of OS X are needed to be supported by official build. Is support for 10.4 needed? Does anybody use 10.3? What executable format is desirable – Universal or separate for Intel and PowerPC? Please, answer in comments.

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OpenPref added to FreeBSD ports collection

Starting from today, FreeBSD users can easily install OpenPref 0.1.3 from ports collection. Please, report if you encounter any problems. Don’t forget to update ports tree before trying to find OpenPref :)

Also, build of trunk is available for Windows users – get it from here.

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Beta testers needed

We need some volunteers for beta testing of the next OpenPref release. Using Linux (or other Unix-like OS) is preferred, however, users of other OSes are also welcomed. If you are interested, please contact us via mailing list.

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New OpenPref website

Welcome to the new web site of OpenPref game! Here you will find latest news related to its development, including release announces. Also you can join OpenPref community and take part in development.

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